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For soon to be over 42 years, Bishop Larry D. Trotter has served as senior pastor of Chicago’s  historic Sweet Holy Spirit Church. Under his leadership, the ministry has grown tremendously  from twenty-two members since 1981. Starting with humble beginnings, Bishop has always been  a survivor. Raised by a single mother (Dorothy Ernestine Trotter) in the housing projects, he  excelled to preaching and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout forty two of the  United States of America, twenty eight different countries, and six continents, which includes  presenting the African American Church at the Oxford, England religious council round table. 

Bishop Trotter was licensed and ordained by both Baptist and Pentecostal denominations where  he gained an audience who could appreciate his unique blend. He served as one of the founding  fathers of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, years as Presiding Prelate of the United  Covenant Churches of Christ, and presently serves as Overseer and spiritual advisors for many  reformations, fellowship and apostolic networks. He delivers The Word twice weekly to the  congregants of Sweet Holy Spirit where more than one thousand virtually attend his weekly  bible online study lessons. 


Bishop Trotter has countless degrees from his pursuit of higher learning, and he has walked and  lived among the greatest. Bishop Trotter holds three honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees and  one doctorate in ministry having matriculated at four religious’ instructions. He was  instrumental in the election of the first African American mayor of Chicago, Harold Washington;  as well as our present mayor Brandon Johnson not to exclude the first African American  President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. A noted civic and community leader,  he was instrumental in overseeing a fleet of freight trucks filled with food and supplies to New  Orleans during Hurricane Katrina; supplied over 25,000 cases of water to Flint, Michigan and 30, 000 to assist in the water crisis; delivered much needed supplies to the island of Haiti  several times; and participated in the One Church One School program in Chicago. 

Other accomplishments include: 

• The return to the light anti-crime marches 

• One church / two locations 

• The church and community project 

• 50,000 bottles of Tylenol to Kenya to assist in the AIDS pandemic 

Bishop Trotter has authored and published seven books. One of the seven books entitled ‘Living  Above SEE Level’, made the Wall Street Journal’s 2011 choice of the week. He astonished the  culinary world and Food Network by revealing one hundred of his favorite recipes in text with  his cookbook entitled ‘Cooking With The Bishop’ in 2014, that became a best seller 

Bishop Trotter and Sweet Holy Spirit are pioneers in Gospel Music having recorded 11 award  winning projects including hit songs like “The Lord Is Blessing Me”, “It’s Only A Test” and my  “Worship Is For Real” 

. Presently, he is focused on the first release of his food seasoning products available online and  soon at your local grocery retailer. Bishop Trotter latest book is his life memoir entitled ‘The  Diary of a Church Boy’. 

He loves spending time with his five grandchildren Jolie, Joie, Lola, Lyric and Juliano.

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