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For soon to be 41 years, Bishop Larry D. Trotter has served as senior pastor of Chicago’s historic Sweet Holy Spirit Church. Under his leadership, the ministry has grown tremendously from the twenty two members in 1981. Bishop Trotter has always been a survivor starting with the humble beginnings of being raised by a single mother (Dorothy Ernestine Trotter) in the housing projects on into preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally and internationally in the uttermost parts of the earth in 49 of the United States of America, 28 different countries, and six continents.

Bishop Trotter was licensed and ordained by both Baptist and Pentecostal

denominations where he gained an audience who could appreciate his

unique blend. He served as one of the founding fathers of the Full Gospel

Baptist Church Fellowship, four years as presiding Prelate of United

Covenant Churches of Christ, and presently, serves as overseer and spiritual advisor for several reformations, fellowships, and apostolic networks.

Bishop Trotter has countless degrees from his pursuit of higher learning, and he has walked and lived among the greatest. The bishop holds three

honorary doctorates of divinity degrees and one doctorate in ministry from

four different schools. He was instrumental in the election of the first African American Mayor of Chicago, Mayor Harold Washington, as well as, the First African American President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama. Bishop Trotter has authored and published six books. LIVING ABOVE SEE LEVEL in particularly made the Wall Street Journals choice of the week in 2011.

He shocked the culinary world and Food Network revealing one hundred of

his favorite recipes in his first cookbook, "Cooking With the Bishop" in 2014.

The bishop has recorded nine award winning gospel projects on both Tyscot Records and his own label, Utopia Music Group.

His project “Praise Revisited” received two Stellar nominations and his latest project "Restored" is ready for download on Apple Music. Bishop Trotter’s life memoir entitled ‘The Diary of a Church Boy’ will be released soon.

Not only is Bishop Trotter a phenomenal, powerhouse preacher, but also a

father of five children (Laurice Trotter, Javon Trotter, Brandi Trotter, Larry

Trotter II, and Lakheem Trotter), a grandfather of four (Jolie, Joie, Lola &

Lyric), along with a hosts of spiritual sons and daughters in the ministry.

Bishop Trotter wants you to be encouraged and remember, "What's To Come Is Better Than What's Been!"

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